False Hope and A Fucked Love 

He lit my world with sexual loving vast celestial skies exploding with hues of electrified pigments 

How they clung to my fierce flesh like a new ball gown carved in oblivions carved mystique

Seems he couldn’t get enough of my darkness pumping in his veins with the latest hours of the night 

His reassuring passion consuming every pure particle of my constellations sashaying seductively only for him 

Yet I find in my silence,my sealed sewn lips cracked,and the doubtful intuition spelling my oncoming disaster 

All those beautiful words he inked upon my soul.Oh the hope he fed my resistent heart fade torturing deafening tides soured by underlaying lies 

His roots expand in suffocation.A creature of desperation I will dare not become even though soon his betrayal will finally finish this tragedy of a beast I have been made 

With hidden tears,the reaping will sweepeth all of our romance away,and I’ll pay for blinding myself out of need 

He will pretend it’s all fine as he slowly pulls his hand away ,deny anyone else is on the other line,yet his calls will taper off as his excuses expand with the sudden fall of the curtains 

Yet I’ll know she’s there as I always somehow do,reading between the lines,as I shatter in this quiet hell,and then finally as a bitter end he will crush me 

As I clutch my chest,deflating lungs,and blood pouring from the wound ,and on my knees I will sob but this time I won’t lay down and die 

I’ll show him how deep the blade can truly go and his games I’ll use.The confusion .The ghosting .The ghory misery the heart can feel when dealt the shitty end of the deal 

My demoness lowering him to the role of the fool.Drooling.Meek.Pathetic.Then I’ll tell him what he told me “Oh I never meant to intentionally hurt you .I mean I’m only human .I never wanted it to happen.Its not you it’s me ”

See how he enjoys being shattered .To know how every jagged piece can do some irrevocable damage .Let him experience that humiliation .When everything is so intense you feel yourself becoming a corpse .Yet you can’t die and the heartache stretches on like a fucking abyss 

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Burning Times

Tranquility overtaking static silence soothed by moonlit torch 

Torture tracing the black lace string setting malignant upon quivering ivory flesh 

Sweat beading as rivlets of resignating rapture rousing my demons both in my head and the rhythm of racing realization redesigning my pitch black heart 

Flames lick at my thighs.Deadened crackling of pine wood .Lit me up .

Such celebrated agony as the cleansing begins

Crawling in and out of me like serpents dancing dangerously within my severing soul .

Rain acid on the shadowy contours of my painted lips my favorite ravishing bloodied shades of red 

Whispers all around crowd wicked forestry forged in forbiddance and repulse 

So often apathetic ignorant festering mobs of humanity maim and mutilate what they fail so fucking effortlessly to understand 

The strange ignited by callous cruel hands for the difference of mystique they exude 

So destroy me yet I shall arose from the ashen subdue 

A phoenix made anew 

And my malevolent dark rage shall reign down upon all of you 

With the same inferno of execution 

Consuming your villages and lands sprung up in injustice 

I’ll give you a beast to fear my weak horde 

Relentlessly raging through til your streams drip in scarlet retribution

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Hurricane 🖤🚬⚰️


Hurricane hellishly spinning severingly throughout every foundation I beautifully built as a shrine to our souring relationship 

The car crash obliterating all I was with my naive bright eyed bountiful hopes & dreams 

Gnashing nails from cryptid ,cracking ,and splintering boards of my beaded coffin adorned in all those cherished memoirs 

The hinges blown off by the loaded gun you pulled upon your departure deeming me condemned property 

For sale sign on this house of horrific pain depleting and fucking deleting 

Overgrown yards full of our dead flowers and wasted hours

Just whiskey warming the breeze of all the bruises you left to brutalize and scrutinize me 

Empty blue pool gazing out at a gloomy sun setting on all  the puncture wounds you gauged into my heart 

But your tucked under this dust bed with all my cocaine blues 

Still paying this damned toll and it’s been a six year shit show 

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He stopped speaking when our spark fizzled into flavorless, flat lined , forgotten ashes 

The enigma of amusement faded from his Hazel irises as our passion slowly died 

Though he never sees me cry doesn’t mean I’m not emptied with agony inside 

Sometimes I stare at his naked silhouette hungering for that carnal intwining 

But her name caresses his tongue and he thinks I’m blind but I can smell her wrapped up like a poisoning present upon his body 

When he does climb atop me it’s no me whom he sees

I’m the repulsive wife he is no longer in love with and she’s the shiny new sports car ready to joy ride

So I can starve myself in this mirror but no matter how many ribs I can count or how much more blonde I dye my hair he won’t ever truly be there 

But I’ll be damned if I let them throw me to the wolves because tonight is the night I show him and her both what the shadows can truly bring 

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🔥 Fire ⚰️🚬

Fire in his veins 

The hesitant flame burning in the core of my own soul 

I could taste sweet hell upon his full lips of foolish fooling around 

He knows he is the wound and when his blade pierces it is precisely penetrated deep in the tender tear transcending my shivering flesh 

The force of arms that entrance this devil ridden dance in which he plays aloud upon every heart string still clinging to my sensitive binding craving 

A spell for a wicked while stretching on for miles on this highway of no return in a trial of tribulating learning 

He is vile poisonous nightshade but I’m addicted to his deadly games of passionate pursuit 

Chasing me to the edge of fading but when he lights my torch I let it scorch the warning label right off his bottle of whiskey brewed in brilliant trouble 

I’m seeing fucking double 

All the good girl in me watered down in his tub of sentimental sin showering my thighs in the magic of mayhem 

Pull the trigger just a bit more 

I want it all til it’s gone again 

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I have seen it all crumble to the ground .Watched my heart die a thousand times .Broken picture frames and frementing roses rot to daring dust.My mind a showcase of surrendered dreams drifting passively away.I try and pick up the shards.Pieces of this peering pyramid puzzle but it only cuts deeper til I can feel the bare bone.Judgement jarring jagged ripples of stolen moments.The river sending Sonic waves through my shamed misery but I bottle it up in an overflowing jar of fleeting hopes and failing faith in this picasso of blinded beautiful chronically depressed loathing🖤🖤🖤

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Scarlet Hill

I withered to dust on my scarlet hill of indifference and clinically depressed contemplation 

Blurred landscapes sliding , slamming,shamefully shuffling old regrets into vast,vivid,view 

Is it hell or is it heaven?How the fuck will I ever know ?Is it me or is it you?

I hate my pound of flesh,despise this she beast berating ruefully within the tendons and tissue of my corpse covered in good intentions,riddles rave rantingly on my scabbed lips of livid death

My need to entertain the tormentors tearing tid bits of my reflection and my sense of normalcy is fleeting.My breathe shallow and my heartbeat nearly silent 

The curtain is closing with these dire ,downing walls which imprison me so violently as all that remains of my creative mind strains for that last hopeless chance 

No more serenading songs of believing just needlepoint narcotic bleeding 

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