I have seen it all crumble to the ground .Watched my heart die a thousand times .Broken picture frames and frementing roses rot to daring dust.My mind a showcase of surrendered dreams drifting passively away.I try and pick up the shards.Pieces of this peering pyramid puzzle but it only cuts deeper til I can feel the bare bone.Judgement jarring jagged ripples of stolen moments.The river sending Sonic waves through my shamed misery but I bottle it up in an overflowing jar of fleeting hopes and failing faith in this picasso of blinded beautiful chronically depressed loathing🖤🖤🖤

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Scarlet Hill

I withered to dust on my scarlet hill of indifference and clinically depressed contemplation 

Blurred landscapes sliding , slamming,shamefully shuffling old regrets into vast,vivid,view 

Is it hell or is it heaven?How the fuck will I ever know ?Is it me or is it you?

I hate my pound of flesh,despise this she beast berating ruefully within the tendons and tissue of my corpse covered in good intentions,riddles rave rantingly on my scabbed lips of livid death

My need to entertain the tormentors tearing tid bits of my reflection and my sense of normalcy is fleeting.My breathe shallow and my heartbeat nearly silent 

The curtain is closing with these dire ,downing walls which imprison me so violently as all that remains of my creative mind strains for that last hopeless chance 

No more serenading songs of believing just needlepoint narcotic bleeding 

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Three years fading

Three years of love left discarded among the Cypress trees tangled up in slamming doors 

Screaming curse words weighted in razor like hell spun among these tarnished and worn out turf tattered floors rotted forevermore

All the blame clinging to my thickening tongue .No war won just battle scars and bloodshot eyes of numb shores emptied and evolved to nothing but ashen heartache

Your memories haunt these Halls of hard times.Just whiskey fills the pit of shit left to settle in the dust

Tears trail behind me like colorless cold rain as your face dissipates from view

Your touch erased from a bed of poisonous nails that bury deep

No trace of true love left 

Just flashes of fading memories


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Characteristic Transformation:Thrumming Rage

The sore grew into a malevolent coil crusading a characteristic  transformation

A passive response would not be rendered from my viciously unsettling soul for the storm wrought to great a toll

The wound split splice in serious contemplating crude rage splattering my will to keep my snapping demons at bay 

That dying morphine would not numb the beast pacing violently through my outraged mind 

The smile of thine enemy I would tear vicariously away until only bone and blood filled my fluttering blue orbs of enlightened ravenous raging 

Thrumming through my veins the vengeful appetite of an unappeasing undefined devilish seeking

I would not be defeated or turn my cheek in forgiving innocent nature for the bomb in my human complex has been detonated 

And my humanity weaved and weathered persistently away 

Sometimes only the fight remains.The pounding of rememberance through heaving heavy fists

The battle scream of victorious justice 

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Rupturing Scar

You are etched on every stone wall in this hollow heart of mine like hieroglyphics heating rupturing erupting wounds

A captive to cowering neath this thinning veil of apparent transparency trapping my foolish faults of faith in your return

But what delivers such devastating blows is watching from fleeting flattened screens of fermenting reminders 

Your arms wrapped around her in your picturesque little fairytale romance loving in searing Harmony

The thought of you making magnifying passionate pleasantries with her depresses me 

I could weep like a Willow in the choking breeze of summer but I am done dying indefinitely within 

Your the sour scar flaring feverishly in my darkest distinctive hours and my lilies have wilted by jilted love

So I’ll lay beside him and hope like hell your face won’t show again in this den of nightmarish, seductive, fantasy

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Airbrush Adequate

Adequacy,suitability,and aptitude in a constructed caste of synopsis abridgement 

Sycophant syllabus aligned by symmetrical standards symbolic 

Flawed ,outlandish,strange,and uniquely formed cast out by considerable shunning quashing

Airbrush over uneven skin,thinning out eccentric personality,modify the lips,straigten and skim the size of that nose 

That mirror stares you down from across that inaccessible,seclusion zoned room adorned with her mortification 

Dysmorphia viciously ruining her sense of self worth until deleterious thoughts twist her sense of independent self 

Book an appointment here and there.Must maintain perfection she screams into the scowling mirror maddening her 

Weeping while applying another coat of lipstick.Scattered diet pills on the bathroom vanity.Cottonballs cure hunger she rambles to her self.Laxatives.

A ghost she seems but a tint of clever cosmetic tricks and baggier clothes will hide the disease deteriorating her disappearing silhouette

Faking a smile she tucks herself back into her bed of denial after another devastating weigh in on that scale conscious mentality 

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Parasitic Power

Would the canyons split oblivion for squeamish masses to construct perilous gases 

The sheepishly foolishly grazing before the beast rearing its raving head for the grand finale

Canines spinning clockwise in a grinder of gruesome grueling raging for a sacrificial feast 

Blinded they jump into the bottomless mouth watering amidst the sinking drought above

Thoughtlessly fighting furiously amongst one another for eminent death 

It chomps greedily on the mindless drones straight through flesh and bone 

They coo in awe enjoying their own brutal suffering with vivid vivacious splendour satisfactory grins

A swarm forming deep in the stirred silken sand as deceptive monuments to agony 

Social construct confusion to the intrusive worm weaving into soundless skulls

Drilling in its ancient agenda of chaotic insidious infestation 

Parasite perpetuating peril until it has successfully nourished its idealistic hunger for filth ridden power 

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