The Spoiling

Mirrors tell the story time forgot
Pain is constant but keeping faces is all a woman can do to hide the demons clawing for the outside again
Used until her soul just burns black ash and she remembers every cold excuse
Her naked flesh is scarred with memories and menaced by a pack of wolves
She could not scream anymore and she dare not cry
It hardened her heart until it finally died
She has no friends nor lovers anymore because the haunting is hollowing
Witnessing the waters in which are only cold and so deep they derive you of your pride
Makeup is on her cheeks and smeared lipstick lets her know shes a showdog that lost her sheen
When you have been betrayed and humiliated breathing gets harder to do
Your only wanted when somethings wanted from you
She keeps her held high though her smirk is a filthy lie
Because tired and misfitting she is
She showed one man her most intimate places
And he put her display like a canary in a cage
They called her whore and much more for one mistake
Now taking off anything is hard to do when once you let them see
They walk away and leave you hanging out to dry
And pretend they do not even know who you are
She hates her own skin and wants to cut it from the bone
But she remains a stone
Hiding everything for the sake of what little is alive
No one knows her story
And yet she sees no love in her future only more dismissal
But how much can one woman take before she breaks


About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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