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The Gun

You gazed at me and your tears ripped me apart inside.Begging me not to go but the devil was calling as those hooves thundered across the ground.Your face disappearing with my heart neath a cloud of gun powder.I knew you … Continue reading

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Watching the limbs sway in the breeze as the night closes in and the truth is bore from the heart of the wicked…I close my weary eyes as I stare into memories better left behind.Your love comforts me no more … Continue reading

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She stands before the rising harvest moon between rows of tombstones cracked and crumbling.Her sapphire eyes glow an icy blue while she spreads her wings of white.Bright red blood seeping their feathery edges as she cries out for him to … Continue reading

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The storm rages on while I circle you beneath the reddened moon with a confident glimmer in my certain eyes of sapphire sardonic hunger.The lust building inside for the taste of your warm blood upon my curved lips.The smell of … Continue reading

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See the makeup running down my face I wipe it up As I clean the blood From my shattered heart I suck it up Erase my frown And face the world With a facade That covers up the hell You … Continue reading

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The Earth is disembodied and I know your not supposed to be here on the crevace of no control because you have no clue how deep the contagion nestles in blue streams of isolated blood.You seem tough but your not … Continue reading

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I have gazed out that window pane of pain for years and my heart has broken bit by bit.Tiny shards that slit slices of thinning flesh in my insistently punctured soul.Covering my wounds in shame because the past and the … Continue reading

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