Passionate Bad Habits That Are NOT worth your time

 He makes you feel so good but he plays you for a fool every damn time he gets the chance.The kind of guy your so attracted to you cannot help but take back again then feel so stupid for even letting back in to your breaking heart. Charming devil destroying you one piece at a time until you feel like your in a prison of poisonous passion so intense it is hard to stay afloat anymore in this doomed relationship.Deep down you know he will cheat soon enough with some random whore he always said was “JUST A FRIEND BABE” yet he has been seeing her the whole time he was with you..yet when you try to leave or remotely move on he starts that sweet talk that hypnotizes you right back into his web.He always sucks the life out of you but you ask yourself,”Why do I give a damn about such an asshole?, What the fuck is wrong with me”, but he knows your love is your weakness and he constantly uses it against you.

Those guys are the worst

They get mad when you move on into a healthier relationship of equality because all you are to them is a back burner chick.Someone they call up when they are lonely.Do not be a stepping stone.Get rid of that fucker.Cut him out of your life


About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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