A long Forgotten Apology

I wanted to take your hand and lead you to the shade of willowy branches,sit next to you,lay my head on your chest,look up at you with my big blue eyes and steal a kiss in a moment of bliss.Our fingers intertwined with the moon casting it’s comforting light.Give you every part of me faithfully.However,My dark heart was frightened by the warmth of yours so I never wanted to acknowledge the fact that you loved me more than a friend.So confused I could not see it.

When you told me you were going away for two years when you wanted to come for me.I did not want to hold you back or put a hold on your dreams so I let you go.Now I am regretting.But I never lied when I said I loved you.I was waiting on you to tell me you wanted more but you never made it clear enough for me.Or maybe you did but I was too stupid to decipher it.

The night in the desert when you wished on that star for me.You did not know but I was already yours I was just unsure because love has scolded me.I admit I do stupid things but I have not shared my bed with anyone in so long and I only want to share it with you.If I have to wait two years for you I will because your worth every painful second.Most of all I am sorry if I hurt you because I never intended to.

My mistakes drove you away but NOBODY will be you ever.Your precious to me and dammit I love you and boy I hope you still love me to.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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