A Serial Killers Fall(A Short horror love story)

My heart has long since fallen to ashes as self-consciousness evaporates.The desire to kill is an endless affliction that revels the taste of suffering.I am plagued by the voices of insanity and constant need to destroy undeserving weakness.Although,The predator cannot sate his hunger,he finds himself in love with the object of his murderous intentions.For years the concept of the game is to never let emotion cloud your decisiveness.My failure has landed me a victim to my own sick twisted game of sinnacle liasions.

My cool colorless grey irises watched attentively as the innocent damsel pass.Her untamed beauty catching my unwanted attention.Big brown eyes sparkling like the finest of diamonds.Long raven hair casting a breathtaking midnight shine.Soft lips like velvet and as red as mouthwatering rasberries.Sun kissed skin.Lanky legs that seemed to go on for miles with a sexy rose tattoo.The sight of her arousing the beast livid within me.

The game I began playing with her was clever.My angelic looks and false persona fooling her so easily.Every day baiting her further into my strategic trap.I held her night after night ,stealing her damaged heart,intentionally.My false promises softening her defenses.However,I found myself restraining myself more and more challenging with every moment that passed between us.

In addition,A creature such as I cannot maintain sanity without the consumption of life.While she slept in undisturbed serenity,I slipped out into the frigid darkness.Instinctively, The drive to kill beckoned unto me, so I suffused my addiction.There sat the slender slime right ahead upon an isolated park bench far from the protective eyes of the city.This time I did not strike up a conversation but proceeded to immediately and successfully.

Then, My snaking fingers closed around her small neck anxiously.I took pleasure in her sounds of suffocating and vital need for oxygen.A sinnacle laugh escaped my thin lips as I pulled out the 16 inch hunting knife on my side from its snug holster.Her sea foam green irises dilated in fear which brought a sickened smile to my pallid face. Exubrantly, I thrust the blade into her torso,cutting away the inners hidden within that delicate chest cavity,slowly skimming away the tender skin covering brittle bone.Afterwards, I crushed her skull into tiny little shards of nothingness then returned to my beloved.

Consequently, Stealthily I crept through the front door.Quiet as the mice infesting the apartment complex.My sensitive pupils flickered closed in agitation as the illumination of a bright luminescence filled them.There my fragile angel stood in shock and fear at the sight of me.Shamefully,I hid my blood-stained face and threw the jagged blade gripped in my sweaty palms across the room.Like a scared cat she darted for it and I lunged in prevention.My jungle animal like reflexes were much swifter than hers.The mass of my body pinned her to the crisp white carpet below as her tear brimmed eyes closed in pain and she begged me not to kill her.

A wave of uneasiness filled the core of my heartless soul.Her acidic words like razors splitting away everything left inside.The realization of my love like a deadly hit and run.Tears began to form in my glacile eyes ad I sprang up.Without hesitation I turned and started to walk away .So many emotions stirring.However, I never made it out my intended exit because she rammed my own weapon into the deadened heart in which she had just severed.A surge of agony riveted my whole silhouette as a shrill scream fell from my lips and I collapsed in a lifeless heap.Love the death of such brutal intelligence.

In conclusion, The lion falls a victim to the lamb.Mislead by her passion.His death painted by his own blade at the hands of the one thing that had found a niche in armor.His self destruction paved by the humanity he never thought he had.When he let the deer live she dared to take him on.His weakness his ultimate mistake.For love has the power of life and death.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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2 Responses to A Serial Killers Fall(A Short horror love story)

  1. Love conquers all. I really really want to read more of this, the description of the character is beyond amazing. I have a feeling if you’re into watching series, you’d really enjoy Dexter.


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