The Autumn Awakening

The bright oranges,yellows,and red hues consume swaying autumn trees aligned with ivy spreading and splaying around there towering flesh.I see the pages turn in every direction as life grows into uncertainty and my words seem to fail me.Inside I know emotions roil and rampage,thundering wildly across a frosting Earth aching for heat to ease the hardened dirt frozen by the frigid temperatures just the way I do when I am thinking of you.Somehow,Somewhere,The past got in the way of my future and the blame began to become my weapon of choice.Punishing everyone I loved after you for your betrayals and your sins of choice but as I turned to stone I realized it was time to throw your memory to the wind and catch the sweet scent that is living.Let my creativity flow where the emptiness flooded.Your long gone I know and now I realize it’s time to go and flee this reoccuring scene.I won’t crave your love anymore I’ll drop it in the sands of nevermore where it should’ve been when you crushed me because the day is young and I am happier now.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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