The Doms Undoing and Creator(An Erotic Short Story)

Raining ceaselessly upon the shingled roof of a lonesome little stone structure in the midst of nowhere.Intense animal like baby blues beckoning him to beg for just a second longer of her sweet,sexually soothing attention but she was dazing into a distant memoir maliciously mauling her miserable mind.Understanding her complexity nearly impossible.She never let him see straight through her and to guess what was going through her pretty little head only lead him to the outer limits.So he sat there pondering what to say and what to do.But when she finally twisted to face him he was not suspecting to see tears streaming down that frigidly fine crafted hot numbers face.

The thunder restlessly roaring in deaf ears seemingly.Pink lips uttering in an unfamiliar soft spoken tone.”Jon”,she rasped.He leaned in to see the striking revealing about to be laid upon him.

What she said: “I am not as strong as I appear in this leather and lace because my mistakes,my demons,and my naive ways won me a name.A rep that only delights the devil in dark dim lit hotel rooms and in this shit-hole I reside in.He had eyes so brown and warm that they suckered my stupidity right in but the way he held me so tightly taunted my soul into believing in the ghostly fairy-tales of love floating around but he is the reason I will not and never plan to let you close enough to cut me down.Strangers lie and passion burns so hot only to die an impatient and uncaring death”

“It was pouring and oh so perfect to set the stage for a frightening failure when fatal attraction attended to my core.Crushing me like these Bud Light cans strewn all atop each other in the waste basket by the fridge.His muscles retracting as he stood there exposed.Ripped,ready,and wanting no more than to ride my dreams to ashes.His cock pulsated against my pussy and my hormones raged the way they never had with any other man.He possessed me completely with that mocking mouth.Tongue tranquilizing my will to refuse.Arms encircling me to madden me.The thumbing tingle taught to my blossoming nipples.Naughty or nice.The price would poison me.He leaned down to suck my roses.Nibbling neutralization.Suckling surge shot throughout my thudding veins.The supple fill of his cock in my small pale palms.

More I mumbled.He was down on me and his lips were on my pussy.The rapid raunchy experience and I was twitching in a hot mess of cum and coincidence.On my knees he commanded and I took his cock all the way into my throat.The veins and the flesh flushed.Rock hard.Fucking my face and making me his whore.His slut.Demeaning me.I then climbed atop him and I mounted him.The first taste of bliss soured my innocence and I could not get enough of that dick.Insanity a vague understatement.But I was not this brave soldiers world because back and forth.Twisting .Turning.The snake he was becoming more and more evident.So in love he had me where he wanted me but when I saw her.My heart flat lined and I was cussing myself in the mirror.Knowing I had given only to get empty exed out.

Claiming I was number one.But he put that diamond ring on her finger.Moved her in right under my nose not before he invited me to be his incognito one month fixation.Tested to my limit.Screaming.Pathetic.Dumb teenage girl who was at a loss for words.The sweetness of his tears when I made him weep made me the monster I am.The dogtags I kept as a reminder of the past I do not wish to return to.So now I bring pain to give pleasure.Perfect at my craft.I was schooled by the best.In my finale I had my revenge.The situation I control.So nothing will ever disease and demolish me.You are my play pet.Nothing more.Nothing less.Do not request I stay because I will kick you into the useless emotionless pile of sex appetizer applicators,Understand and enjoy what I give”

He was speechless and after that night he never asked for anything more than what she gave.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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