The lines crackling calling from the Television set and the images in my tortured head.Nude.Nude.Nude.Stripped by dishonor.Baring all.Flesh infected.Crawling termites congregate with the cockroaches of tommorow.Acquired demons.I am buried by the seed sowing self hated instructed destruction.Could take my paint brush,fine tip,and carve out the corruption festering.Screaming so diseased.Hating myself and thee.The game begins ,a head trip,another sinful fright unjustified.Crow’s coiled blues bear witness when germination guides me to end this violent play.Loaded alone and the pills can never erase erratic nightmares.One question.Yes or no.This time its not a spoken response.You are weak ravenous wolf but this feline is going to finish you off.Thump.Thump.Your heart gives the scent..aroma…cursed wretch my days …no brothel but hell in store.Corded phone around your windpipe.Caw.Caw.Fly through the ring.Taste my crescendo.See your own descent.Draining.Life.Playtimes over plead not.Turning purplish blue.Violet hues.Die now in destitude.Not your perversion.Your fantastical fanatical fantasy any longer.Choke on your mindless manipulative manner.Oh my beloved it is a pleasure to poison you.A high much more benificial than THC.Scream nobody can hear you.Crows,crows,crows.How Edgar.Mighty Poe inspires the cold.Transforming.Converting a new experience.Exhale.Exhiliration.I can comprehend rage.I love it.Bask Basilisk because tonight you die by the fingered claws fondling the ribbons rimming your self serving soul.Owls and destined transversal trees twisted,malformed.Thundering herd from the pits.Ashes.Sulfur.Suffocation.Orgasming when you finally turn cold.Cadaver corpse.They swarm me.Pecking your hazel autumn irises.Perched on my silhouette floating aimlessly through the fearsome forest where return would be rubbish danking drear because here no sun will remember you.My friends.My loyal accesors.You created the panther’s passion for blood.Spirit drudging mud.Dignity never to be deceived by the hearts of hormonal horse shit men.Toying with their pride.Ill cleanse them one by one.Two or three to sate the evil in me.A radiant crow.Bye bye.Farewell.Curtains close.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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