Thee That Is Inside.Run My Love

I stare at her.The beast living within me.Nowhere I run can I escape the demon inside myself.I tried so hard but the darkness is seeping through me.Frightened,angry,and lead astray by my own betrayal becomes my crippling poison.You are precious to me but my predatory nature has cost me your nature.The beast is brutal so I rub my blood on the wall.Marked and mislead.I am better off dead.

Truly cursed to be alone.The love in my heart so long ago when I was an innocent has been corrupted.How much more can my soul take when I cannot go on like this.Erase the monstrosity before it consumes me.Every night the devil laughs in my face.No longer indestructible.Half human and half animal.The line is blurred now.Pages covered in misery.Crumpled by sin.

Is this who I am now.No better than my betrayers.Blue eyes just scarred over oracles of contradiction.Dictated by what crawls neath my flesh.It snarls in my head as it takes what little is left of my sanity.I love you so much that I will let you flee me to save you from myself.I belong to the trees where nothing lives and everything is black.In the cold.The frigid place where no one dare go.Away from any sign of essence.Where I was when you found me?My old soul is too tired to wage the war with what seeks me.

You …Believe me..On this …My love is there…buried by the grave I dug myself.You are perfect and I am a mess.My passion is deadly.Your a dove.I a serpent.Fly away and I will slither neath these stones to be crushed.When I saw your face I had hope?When I gave my heart to you I gave my all?But it was not enough to keep it away.To tranquilize the deceit.If I had known I would bring you pain I would have never brought you here.Return to the light.Leave me to my shame.

Heaven and hell are never meant to collide.Angels and demons do not mix.The shattered pieces can never be repaired.I will let it have what it wants because I deserve what comes for me.I tried.I tried so damn hard but I always fail.My bloodline of misfits were doomed the day they were wrought on this Earth.Giving you up is the most heartbreaking part but in order for you to ever realize your dreams I must go.Far away.Back from wince I came.

But remember these words that fall from my tongue”I love you.More and more everyday.I die inside.Piece by piece.But it has to be this way because you my sweet need to be surrounded by normal and I will drift further and further into the unknown.You will marry.Be happy as all you dreamed but I will live alone with this glass and drink until my last breathe is drawn because I cannot live with my demons anymore.The clock on the wall will tick.Every tock agitating my mind.My insanity will crush me and finish what should have ended me on my birthing.You my love.My only love will never have to worry of me again”



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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