Adrenaline:An Erotic Horror Short

I gazed out at the sea of dead.My bruised body still parched,my eyes of blue tired but alert,and my finger on the trigger.Staying alive had become a forgotten priority.I did not have the energy to fight anymore.The sun was setting behind a dying world’s stagnate sky.My disgust had grown to outrage as I waited on death.Nearly the entire population outside waiting for their meal.Flesh something they staggered around all night for.Groaning in anticipation and clawing at all hours for.
My boyfriend was dead,all of my friends,and my family picked clean down to just me as the sole survivor.I looked up at my only companion Dylan.His blue eyes were as empty as my own.He also felt like jumping in that ocean of horror just to end this hell.I was horny for the first time in months.So long we had been denying ourselves trying to keep watch on them so we would not end up as their form of fucking bologna.
He kissed me softly and I gave in.Pulling him closer just to taste his warmth.My breasts already in his hands.He was still so smooth to me in the way he moved so gracefully.I ran my fingers across his ass and squeezed.My shirt was already gone and my bra to.His ripped by my anxious palms.I fumbled with his zipper,those buttons,and that belt.His cock already hard for me.My pussy soaked with the lust of months worth of sexual deprivation.
I pulled him closer until his cock was pressing my pussy.Running my hands up and down his back still wondering if this was real.His tongue tickling my fancy as we held one another.I shuddered everytime his fingers grazed my clitoris.Arching when he took my nipple into his mouth and I wiggled out of my panties.He spread my nether lips to touch me.My fingers curled around his cock.His balls filling my palm.Swollen with cum and ready.I tried to be silent but he was such a lover.Perfect.
I was taking all of him in.My one sanctuary of normal in the eye of the storm.I wanted more.So I slid down his body.My tongue darting over the head of his cock.Tracing the crown.Rubbing it against my lips and all over my face.His balls to.I sucked one nut.Then the other.He was rising.I flicked my tongue between them.Nibbling.Sliding my thumb up and down his veins.He twitched and ran his tender fingers through my long auburn hair.
I kissed his penis.All of it.Licking it like a lollipop.Sucking just the tip.Grabbing his hips as he thrust in and out of my mouth.Smacking it on my tongue.Guiding me to the most sensitive spots.I slid a finger in his ass.Twisting it.He was straining.Solid like a piece of cherry wood.His cock began to twitch as he came.I tasted the sweetness of him.Swallowing every drop.I looked up at him and he wanted a kiss so I obliged him.
The taste of his cum swapped between us.He pinned me down as he made his way down.Kissing,biting,and lapping at my body.I yanked his hair as he found the one place that made me weak.Pushing his tongue into my slit.Holding it open to him.So he could enjoy.I spread my legs even wider to give him further access.Propping them up on his shoulders.He ran his tongue up and down to my ass.Back.Repeating.Fingering me as he sucked my clit.My juices overflowing.Soaking the bed.He kissed me long and sensual.Then entered me.
Sliding into my slippery when wet cunt.We rolled onto our sides and he held my leg up as he thrust.My muscles clenching tighter and tighter.He went deeper and deeper.I was almost screaming now.Unaware that they were crawling into this place like cockroaches..His mouth on mine again as I straddled him.Rolling into a different position with every few minutes until we were doggie style and he was cumming in my vagina load after load until it dripped from my pussy lips,over my thighs,and down my chest clear to my nips.
He entered my ass and this time he was rough.Pressing me into the mattress.Strokes so cruel they wrought my blood.Spanking my ass.His head resting on my shoulder as my ass worked with his dick.Cheeks spread.I moaned his name as he moaned mine.He whispered I love you.Then they ruined the motherfucking moment.His sweating body on mine.The guns went off.Straight shots to our heads by the rigged entrance.
They did not care we were dead.They ripped chunks from our still hot corpses.Chewing.Smacking their rotten lips together like a bunch of engorged horses.His soul and mine were gone but we were now fresh meat or were we….



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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