The Spell

His eyes were so bright yet the devil inside glimmered and guided my young crushed corpse of a heart ever closer to his silhouette slinking among rows of resentful shadows.Those fingers so spiny curved upwards in wicked ways.Further and further I followed him into the portal to hell.His wings so black as that of his sunken soul caused my starving bewilderment to spawn.Tilting my head at his crucial touch.I was frightened at first when he let his lips land on mine in the midnight moonbeams of mystery.He was so tender yet demanding.Dominating my frail little body.Bringing red roses from my translucent skin.They blossomed between my breasts.Falling like rain on my stomach and sneaking.Snaking over the wetness dawning between my nether lips like fresh dew.

The darkness in veins was a hymm of hearkened beauty.He said nothing just slid that silken tongue in my waiting mouth almost teasingly.I had been so heartbroken but his arms so smooth soothed the hell in me and welcomed in his.So clever he consumed me as he removed my gown of babe blue and white purity.Exposing me to his universe of eternal damnation.Those white wings of mine dare not flee.A skittish deer in the clawing clutches of the ultimate predator.Laying me down on his robe of smoggy black.Spreading my legs to his mastery.Tongue tracing the beauty of my sensitive slim shoulders.I gave myself so easily.

His sharp splinters bringing fresh blood from my nipples already arguing for his attention.Tickling my little rosebuds as he drank the life from within me but this death I wanted to die again and again.Unraveling my binds and revealing the child within.I caressed his back.Those muscles as tense as a coiled jungle cat.More I beggeth of thee my immortal amour.Drunken on the danger in which I sensed he certainly was.Nursing from me.My veins blackening with every sip he cyphered out of me.Those kisses making the fire between my legs burn even higher and even hotter with each passionate poisonous second that passed between us.

I ravished the fact he had a strong high ass so firm and fluffy.Flexing it every minute he came closer to my waiting cunt.Nibbling it as he parted me to his aggression.Back arched and my innocence intune.That tormented tongue darted over my clit like a curse on an undeserving.Orgasm creeping closer.Fast licks.Hard licks.And sensual spellbinding ones marked me as his.The surrender had already come Cum so hot squirting over his face and down to my ankles.Flowing like a river never truly done draining.

He stood on his knees and placed my small palms on his cock.His pre cum dripping over the tips of my tiny fingers.He touched and then slid it across my mouth agape.I licked my lips pleasantly and savored the flavor of his sex.Salty.Addicting.I took his finger into my mouth and laved it.Pulling it away.He sat my legs on his broad shoulders and entered my pussy almost poetically.Exploding pain.Such a tantalizing agony.Pushing it into crevaces untouched by any other.Stroking slowly making the heat flush my entire core.Then leaning in and gazing intently in my crystalline chandeliers like a snarling beast.Harder he went.Arms pinned for this taking.I thrust up against him.

He stood on his knees now.Working his voodoo on my vagina.I dug my nails into the earth and ground my teeth.Wave after wave.Never stopping.Twisting out of my cunts vice grip.Juices staining his throbbing shaft as he eased it into my ass and fingered me.I was high on his kind of hot heroine.Erotic.I clamped my leg muscles around him.Smacking his.Demanding he mount me harder.He came and his groans were like music that made you want to sing along.

He cradled my naked body in his arms.Upon his chest I was safe.My demon.My soulmate.Good and evil as one eternally.Asleep for centuries as stone in his world.Never seperated.Always true.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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