Watching the limbs sway in the breeze as the night closes in and the truth is bore from the heart of the wicked…I close my weary eyes as I stare into memories better left behind.Your love comforts me no more but brings me deep sadness forevermore as i try to forget it all but my heart calls to you though my mind seeks ease from the torment inside .Chained is my soul and my happiness has come to pass.It is true that nothing lasts not even passion.Who I see within myself is nothing but a mirage of a former life one in which you actually loved me but I will never be enough.I am not as beautiful as her am I nor as easy to please but she will hurt you as you have torn me.And when she does do not come back to this darkened hell in which I dwell because my emotions cannot stand the lies and the misery.Read the damage in these saddened sapphire depths that burn with an eternal spark of hatred as what we had turns to ash and the rage becomes a spell you cast me in.I was naive to believe in you or ever trust a snake like you.Your scales were cold against my flesh but my blade will split you open wide.And I wont care to watch you bleed because I hope you suffer without end.My shaky hands hold the power to put you in your place.Six feet under but I wont bother to exterminate your sorry existence.I stand up and my robe of blackened silk drags across the sodden ground as a moon of white casts down its ghostly light.The stillness of a lake just a few feet away beckons me to its frigid waters as I walk into its welcoming pool of delight and feel it choke away the life from my lungs.suffocating.Time stands still and I forget the world is real .My end.My beginning and your worst nightmare come true because vengeance is mine boo.For your foolish ways you will pay.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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