The storm rages on while I circle you beneath the reddened moon with a confident glimmer in my certain eyes of sapphire sardonic hunger.The lust building inside for the taste of your warm blood upon my curved lips.The smell of your betrayal driving me mad with breathe becomes ragged as I start to morph.My canines drip with the thickening saliva of passionate coveting.Anger in my soul for your crimes.Control slipping away as the beast fills my mind with the starvation of flesh.Immortal night bring me to life.The chains break while I snarl.Your fear undeniable.The trembling of your limbs as I pounce upon your shaking silhouette.My teeth tearing you open wide sending me into a frenzied feeding ritual.feasting upon your skin.feeling your lifes essence grow cold.Roaring in triumph over your snow covered corpse stained in scarlet.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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