The Gun

You gazed at me and your tears ripped me apart inside.Begging me not to go but the devil was calling as those hooves thundered across the ground.Your face disappearing with my heart neath a cloud of gun powder.I knew you would mourn me but my spurs were headed somewhere south of heaven.The cactus came in rows while the scorpions scuttled about.
I remembered the sweet taste of you on my lips and the swell of you between my thighs.The way you worked your cock inside me but what I recall most of all is the way you held me.Now with this shotgun in my hand I pushed on.The saloon came into the distance and I could see her standing there.Ruby lips and eyes that put emeralds to shame.Her blonde mop made me sick.That white leather hugging her rail thin body.She had slept with him.I walked in on her riding his dick.
My raven hair flying around in the wind.Pale skin singed by the heat of the desert sun.My trigger ready while my eyes of sapphire burned into hers that made demons turn their heads.Every image fresh on my mind.That is when I heard the neighing of his white stallion and I turned to see sure enough it was him.The shot I never saw coming when it burst into my shoulder blade but that only succeeded in pissing me off.So I took my chance and fired back.Sending hot lead through her stomach.
She doubled over but as he called to me I ignored him completely.I strutted over to her and kicked her in that cunt face.Slamming my fists into her face.She screamt a lil and stabbed me in the leg but I pointed that Smith and Weston at her forehead and blew her brains out.Passion kills and it thrills.That bitch is vulture grill.He wrapped his arms around me and I elbowed him though I wanted to love him.Covered in blood.I kissed him than jumped on that black Arabian horse and galloped away.
You see I may have needed him but cross me once and it is over



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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