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The Sword

I stood inside scorning,scorching,scalding flames that made my tender flesh bubble and dissolve away into the awakening wind. Your running,fleeing, and somehow pleading in the outstretched darkness daring me back into your welcoming hell. Kissing my torn lips as they … Continue reading

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The Way I used to love you

You made me believe in all those sweet dreams. But when it all went bad suddenly I started seeing a side of you favoring treason. My heart began bleeding silently. Blood your blinded eyes could not see. Every breathe in … Continue reading

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Sometimes we love so much and lose almost every part of ourselves and our self esteem that it leaves us so broken up inside that our fake smiles even falter.We search for so long for a remedy to this cancer … Continue reading

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If you love me

If you love me then why do you crush me If you want me then why do you cheat on me If you are honest with me then why do you lie If you care when I cry then why … Continue reading

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The soul and the truth it hides

There is a sadness in a soul that only grows…one nobody truly knows..can they see the real me neath this stone wall…do they know how much pain I hide..because I found to survive in a world of pain one must … Continue reading

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Creature of the night

Creature of the night born in the shadow of the were born to run..a tragedy and a catastrophe..the one they deemed strange and too different for their standards…and no matter how hard you tried they persecuted you for your … Continue reading

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The Craving

Metallic blade piercing the skin and blood dripping into the floor where shards of a shattered mirror lay in wait.The reflection of the angel with twisted wings embroided by black feathers,raven song,and charred ashes.Burns wrapped in scars and gashes on … Continue reading

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