Soak it in Gasoline

Soak it in Gasoline
Watch it burn in eternity
How the flames dance beneath the pitch black of an empty emotionless sky
Feel the scorch of the heat on my pallid flesh
The blisters bleed oh so beautifully
I cut into my skin
Slitting away all your lies
Remembering the shit you said
About love and how you felt
But you were a liar
And I wont care to watch your corpse
Turn to ash
Before my sapphire embers
The truth will illuminate this forest of forgotten infidelity
I will make you see
The rotting heart inside
See the pain inside and all the agony
When your tears fall
I will take you into my world
Of trying to survive
The years of hatred and infinite loathing
You think I can not detect the devious darkness in your charming depths
The steel in my scarred palms
It aches to taste your screams
Nobody will care what I do
The way you never cared about my emotions
Or how i felt
When you
Screwed me over
You look at me with sympathy
But dont let the feeling on my face
Confuse you
Because I bear no mercy or affection
Everytime I see you
I choke back these tears
The evil inside
My soul withered and died long ago
As did my heart
Im out of reasons to spare you
Soaking you in gasoline
And burning your memory
With whats left of me
I will disappear
And dissipate into the blackened pine
Trapped by your betrayal
Forever in love
And eternally damned to need the one
Who broke me down to utter nothingness
Of needlessness



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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