Moonlight’s Maddening Curse

Running through thickets laced with fanged fantasies

Cut into the beating,bruised heart my darling

Your blood racing,rioting in your thin,little veins

Hatred burns within a beckoning moon

My howls echoing your demise

When your flesh shall quiver neath my chattering teeth

Paws pound against frozen,forgotten Earth

Tracking the shrill screams spilled from your lips

You wanted me to break and crawl away to die neath the torture you wrought

Yet you cannot kill what lays in wait for wicked bitches like you

You shunned me into humiliation and horror

So the hell I lived I became

As you frantically plead and beg for a forgiveness in desperation that you frankly do not deserve

The chunks soft in my mouth as I lay you to rest

Branding you with my miserable curse

You will eat all those you love

Unable to control the demon that dares to dissect your mind

The beast buried inside will show you true agony

When your helpless to stop the evil that merges

It converges with frigid nightfall

Killing you would be far to easy

I want you to suffer and slither this world with the eternal thorns

Weep as you crucify yourself

A permanent noose into which there is no cure

Now you will know what it is like to live and breathe torment

You fucking bitch



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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