The Way I used to love you

You made me believe in all those sweet dreams. But when it all went bad suddenly I started seeing a side of you favoring treason. My heart began bleeding silently. Blood your blinded eyes could not see. Every breathe in my body ceased because slowly you were killing me. I watched my love take beating after beating. You think I will say now .Here in the middle of nowhere. That I want to see you and that I want to be with you. But what you don’t know is though I tell you no and trudge into the cold that I wanted to fall into your familiar arms and hold you through the night. Kiss you until the betrayal and the pain was no more. But step by step I fade and I continue on ..wishing I could forgive you for all you’ve done….and love you the same way I used to again.



About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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