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This War Between You And I

Ashes in our Apartment Swept across that black carpet we loved so much But there is no love between us anymore Because you always find something wrong with all I do or say My heart does not have the strength … Continue reading

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Do not tell me you care Because you were never there at all Spent all my days wishing you would see But I’m the ghost You would not call Flush these memories down the drain Pretend that I’m not going … Continue reading

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Clamorous,disturbed,unrestrained Vigorous,veiling, Vatican of hell Cabinets coiling Ivory lens Violent,Vivacious,Vindictive Serpentine Demon Velvet fingertips find Careless,Callous,Weaknesses Wielding Upper Hands and Dealing the deck of Death Suffocating,Deceived,and Desecrated I embrace my treachery to you A slave to your Cruel Intent Embracing … Continue reading

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Your evils

Murky,savage,disruptive waves The center stage of perilous paralyzing glowering Thundering sickened skies of midnight hues Raining blood upon my blinded blue irises Frenzied monstrosities swarming in murderous meaningless somber serenity Lusting lives seek thrilling heights Abruptly aging themselves into a … Continue reading

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Defiant darkening clouds  Gathering in this barren ,barring,betraying, bittering sky All  the light has returned to ashen dust swirling into a mass of shit Atrocious actions are all that is left of the living   Nothing stirs in the pitch black … Continue reading

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Into the Darkness

They snarl and tear into your tender flesh Pick at your flaws just to feel the bittersweet blood drip drop on their lolling tongues Saliva laced jaws snap at every misstep and failing trip Stumble on as they dawn their … Continue reading

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Cocaine shame Whiskey bent binge of indifference Cloaking cracks cratering the Earth crumbling crucially neath me No escape when demons divide and conquer my un-curable constantly fucked un-forgiving soul Let it rush in like a damnation of deceit dissipating every … Continue reading

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