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Excuse me

Keep your picture by my bed Curled up in satin sheets so black Watching all my flowers bloom and die for you Your heart is torn and I helped pick out all the prickling thorns Cured the disease of doubt … Continue reading

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Will it ever end

Why does this whiskey burn as scalding ? As the passion blistering and bathing my faint flesh How do I make the wounds stop seething this endless atrocious bleeding Do I run my fingers across the torn tissue and hope … Continue reading

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Karma and a whore

You smile with smite staining your cherry crushed lips Proud .Prideful.Pitiful. Accomplished.Victorious .and Content on your Contradicting dictating dealings But do not deny petty whore Your sinning sweetness Will only fail you Because he is not interested in your smarts … Continue reading

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The Unknown Wolves

Snipped.Red locks .Scarred irises reflecting darkness dipped in debut Paint my eyes black to match the hue of my soul Scarlet lipstick .Smeared.Whiskey Faint smoke rings.Long nights.Scribbled words Burning photographs and shredded love letters Scented candles lit in dimmed gloom … Continue reading

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You and your bullshit

Shady trees,terrifying thee A walk among a midnight sea Showered by sheering lies A final goodbye Your crumpled lips lingering on my diluted flesh Sent my heart into cardiac arrest Put my poisoned love to the test And killed me … Continue reading

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