A Minds Betrayal

Calloused Hands covered in fresh blood

The hollow hazel eyes of a once loving, kind-hearted man

All of his pride lay with her pale corpse upon the floor

He had always given her everything in which she desired

Worked himself half to death to afford the biggest house on the block

In uptown suburban serenading sweetness

Bought that Mercedes she wanted

But that familiar feeling came a haunting

When she let the distant route extend so many damned miles out

He never sought to believe what that town all assumed to say

His brother

A relative to beat it all

Fucking the love of his life

So many nights while he watched the ticking of an old clock

He pushed those thoughts away

But on this snowy hell of a night

His boss proclaimed no work until this ice clears

He went out anyway as he lied

Waited where they could not see

Hours passed

Then he snuck into his own house

Listened by the bedroom door

As they plotted his death for his insurance policy

So they could run away together

The blinding rage glistened in his brain

Red everywhere

The screaming of his heart was too much

As the words”I love you”left her forked tongue

The betrayal too much to bear

So he eased the door open oh so calmly

Immediately she began to plead

When she saw that shotgun

His brother tried to run

So before he could hit that door

He pulled that trigger

Brains hit the wall in a painting of pink and red

When she let out her agonized disdain

He gave her a bullet straight through that mouth agape aghast

Sitting in that crimson puddle of heartache

Only to realize it was all in his head

And that his own suspicious mind had been the betrayer

He had blindly murdered with false motioning motives

And he took a breath as he lay strapped to that table

His lethal injection execution soon to come






About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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