Spited Revenge

Half smoked cigarettes in a rattlesnake ashtray

A Blood Mary in hand upon cushions of cautioned alerted instinct

That feral ,feline glow in those shadowy soul ridden irises

Poised with a passion for petrifying poison

Her fingers curved upon the shiny,sharpened Sapphire knife

Gripping her abnormality and trying to cool her hunger for his bittersweet blood

When she heard that door click and his footsteps drawing closer in

Like an exotic cat,her muscles tensed,posture ready for pounce

He entered her trap of sweet lure

She could still smell the Chanel No. 5 of his jaded whore

Jilted and so fed up with the constant feud

She wore the black eye and busted lip

While he groomed that other bitch like an expensive ,pampered,princess

Her jet black hair could hide the menace in her smoldering smile

But she was in denial no longer

She set her blade aside and let him whisper an apology

While touching her thighs

His dick was hard and she pinpointed his weakness with a dead on target

Let him unzip his fly and slip inside

His sweat,his moans for more,and his thrusting thrills

But deep down she was disgusted

Rage rippling through her veins like tidal waves

She kissed him with precision and made her final decision

Arming herself once more and she gave a thrust of her own

The jagged stone cutting into his ass bone

She knew he would hit her as he so much enjoyed to

But she was no longer the prey but the predator

This time she pulled away

And cut his tiny dick clean off

Took pride in the sound of his agony

She kicked him in those brand new heels so hard

He toppled to the floor

She drove them into his abdomen

Stomped him until he stopped struggling

Then lit another cigarette and walked away without a word

Leaving him there to suffer slowly and die








About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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