In your bed of deceit

You were always that bright,burning beacon she saw with foolish ,ill fated ,and blinded loving emerald luminescence

I was the devil she fled and left trapped in this empty bed of crucifying believing

You whispered your acid in her ear so it was my passion she would fear and yours she would drink dumbfounded and disturbed

I let her dig deep enough to finish these fiasco feelings of mine off while she licked your lips and let herself fall into your open bed

You both laughed at the execution of my eradicated emotions and stoned me until the snow in my soul began to fall

Freezing everything in place and laying me to waste

The icicle still embedded in my throat and cutting all breath from my gasping lungs

Until I fell silent and the eclipse had once again begun

But I observed in my hour of demise as you led her astray and played your psychotic plague upon her naive narcotic neurotic ignorance

And as you tore her limb from limb in a hell crueler than even mine

When she came running to my door in December rain I smiled and simply slammed it in her face

But not before I murmured my final fleeting goodbye” Cry you bitch and taste the frigid failing consuming you and then tell me how it fucking feels to love a piece of shit who only strings you along.You made your bed whore now fucking lay your cheating ass in it.










About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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