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The wanderer

Darkness stirs the cauldron of my burning soul Always the fire is forever cold and climbs my skin in intervals of disdain  My emotions entombed in trenches of perfectly manicured gardens desolate,deathly ,and dangerous  Fingers clasp at fragments that fail … Continue reading

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Warrior Way 

The warrior within me still stirs Though weathered and worn with times tedious turmoil trials  Still a move about a hurricane of will and waged burning blatant blunt flames I will stay strong for I have collected scars and survived … Continue reading

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His voice and His End

His voice echoes my heart and I can still catch that familiar scent of champagne, black bloodshed roses blooming on hallows eve ,and decay  I knew he was no man but a beast with charming ,crusading,and basilisk betrothed bewitching eyes … Continue reading

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Tempting Darkness

His poisonous passionate paining lips pursed against mine I could taste the hell ridden regret resting upon his insistent tongue Kissing the devil with the daring silver silent shrill irises coated in coaxing darkness Moonlight laid flesh luminescent and looming … Continue reading

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