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Ana and B

Beauty She carved into her delicate skin Starve and you will be a star Kill your soul and you will go far Make sure your waist is paper thin Let Ana be your friend She will show you how to … Continue reading

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Hours of Illusive Inconclusive 

Questionnaire of dared shares seperation anxiety  Deceiving rift fails and feeds detailed derailed hell hearkening desperate despair Begging for just a hushed touch but electricity disturbeth thickening threatening air  Menacing malice made creatures swim my tormented psyche  Choking on haunting … Continue reading

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The Coming Of The Storm 

My grand halls collapse neath the pressure building  The storm approaches with violence in her riveting wake  Destruction and doomed damnation looms  Hovering this collapsed roof rotting and remembering the laughter that filled these foggy rooms Your words echoing and … Continue reading

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No words

Speak yet no words form within the formation of silent imploding heartache  Lungs heavy with raging suspicion  Mind baffled and battered by instinctive knowing  What’s going on my love? Among the wolves you lurk and you lay with a bitch … Continue reading

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Past Perils

Your a phase of resounding reverting ridiculously ridiculing moons Speaking in riddles and rhymes time after time  But your sweet tooth for sugar coating lies is undeniably easy to recognize  Because you give chase in attempt to tempt me all … Continue reading

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