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I can no longer peer into the vast vacant veering of my own decrepit deflective reflection To recall silent memoirs a maddenening mortuary For I am the statesque outcast peering into a void of empty  Isolated in this eternal hell … Continue reading

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Murdered Dreams

Whiskey won’t cover my mistaken mislead pathway of petulant impending pain All I ever craved was to sashay with the storming winds of a freedom unknown To explore gloomy skies and follow the asphalt wherever I hoped and dared to … Continue reading

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Cockroaches scuttling all about your buttercreme bathed infection ridden flesh Creepily crawling about a rodent raided room plastered in semen and all your fucking sorry’s Bloodstained beauty raining in an asylum of corpse brides where you hide bullshit eating you … Continue reading

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Cooling Bed.Love Dies Slow.Passion almost Dead

Tonight I cannot sleep through this silent bewildering hoping you will see Blinded hazel so hollow cut to the empty core of this loveless sore Teal recalls the scarlet burning of a passion deceased Temptation echoes in another’s arms anchoring … Continue reading

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