Why me

Don’t call me beautiful when she hurts you with the acid rain of her reigning words 

Stop sending me cryptic texts that translate to letting me in my door at 4.am. On the dot

Don’t serenade me with your charismatic cruelty 

Please remove your hands from my ass because your groping is always dipped in double standards

Remove your lips from my skin because I won’t give in to your petty mind games laced with seductive allure

Don’t shatter that vase on the counter in a heated tantrum because I won’t give you your way 

Please back away!!Stop!!Let me go!!No

I can’t breathe underneath your weight!!It all feels so heavy as I muffle another faint scream

You backhand me hard across the face until blood and tears are all I taste 

The way your fists swell my frightened blue eyes together until my vision is so blurred I can no longer see what your about to do to me

Terrified I claw at you until you begin cursing under your breath enraged 

You punch me in the mouth this time but by now I feel so numb like a corpse that has went into rigamortis 

You rip my top from my trembling flesh so you can remove my dignity one stitch at a time 

Your mouth upon my skin disgusts me ,surrounding my nipples in utter shame,as you further your venture to forever wound me

The way your lips seem to devour me violently,your teeth grazing my sense of safety whilst you slither over me like a malevolent serpent 

But you reward yourself with the last morsel of my trembling body ,Pushing your fingers into my privacy

Then you force your way in,and shatter my trust in any man,thrusting these shards of dirt into my heart

As you withdrawl your sword of cruelty and leave your gush of trashy triumph on my stomach 

My mouth is dry ,I can no longer make a sound,my legs left open like a lifeless cracked corroded doll,Vulnerable,Naked 

So much pain yet I am an empty vessel 

Drained by a friend I thought would never scar me or betray me in such a way

What she would not give you

You violenty assaulted from me

Staring at the ceiling as every little second of your deviant act plays on repeat in my head

Shocked and frozen 

Silence so deafening 

As if I have become a part of this mattress 

Finally I scream,sobbing,surrounded by your evil

I stumble into the bathroom in a hazed daze

Into a shower to scrub your scum off every part of me 

Curled up in a corner just letting the steam hit me now

A heap of heartache

The  pounding of my racing pulse penetrating the disillusioning walls 

Shaking violently

The water seems to have gone cold now….so cold.

Why me?


About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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