They say I am a fragile head-case whom needs to learn how and when to forgive but they are wrong .Some assholes do not deserve my words, nor my action ,not even a damn second glance because I have spent far to many years letting people use me . Why vindicate them of their shitty behaviors so they can repeat the same sick games on another unfortunate ,unsuspecting soul. No you let them rot in that guilt because deep down no matter what those sorry motherfuckers say or deny , they do know what they have done because they notice how their relationship with you transforms.  Soon you stop speaking to them all together when they need a scapegoat for some shitty,  sad shady, scheme they have planned but all they hear is that reverberating silence or repetitive voicemail.

Frantically they continuously burn those communication lines up in search of a way to win back their favorite victim to further dehumanize them with fables upon fables for they know not the meaning of truth. They worship themselves even see themselves as a bleeding heart yet take pleasure in destroying other human beings so they don’t look like the fucking villains they truly are . Most of them cannot even keep up with their own endless lies for they tell so many it makes their own heads spin .Though when they come to the conclusion that they can no longer manipulate you as they wish to then they start posting horrible shit about you and how you wronged them when in reality they were the sick fuckers always holding the knife to your back just so they could stab you in it when you were vulnerable, unaware, and exposed to fresh wounds.

Soon they sabotage your other friendships ,make false accusations against you , and drag you through the ringer because they want you to bend to their will. So they can make you feel like its your fault and make you apologize to them for a sin you didn’t commit because you were a genuine ,loyal , friend .They go about making you feel small and meaningless by demeaning you .The arsenic they spread about your character so you are isolated and alone , that way know one will ever believe the blunt truth about assholes like them.

So you must burn that bridge forever, cut all contact , and never allow them to  sour you as a person again because people who try to manipulate you into doing everything for them are not your friends at all or family because they only drag you down in the end .Avoid them at all costs because they are no damn good .




About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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