Just A Fool

Ghost, apparition, phantom, specter , haunt how have I allowed myself to fall in love with such a vampire

Drained, depleted , bleary, weary, deleted sensations tinge within from the apparent fact I am mere entertainment for when you are feeling lonely

This stupidity , idiocy , lunacy, and stolidity from your insensitivity pronouncing my prominent misconception that you give a shit about how I feel

Your calls are later and later, texts drudge on , never on time, failing to keep your simplest promises , and breaking your word

I notice every small difference , with every notion I come to acknowledge I feel like even more of a fucking fool

When did I let my heart get the best of me , why do I give chase when it is a waste , you are just going to disrespect, downgrade my observations , and convince me I am overthinking again

So I whisper , “It is fine” to myself because I feel like I am talking to a wall and I know that it is just wasted phrases

I know you are busy , don’t wanna feel like I am being clingy and dumb , or get the same bullshit responses and vague reasoning

Tell you everything yet you keep yourself a secret , so I won’t bother anymore

Do as you wish , I am done analyzing , and trying

I will just be me and you can be you

No need to put it on the line when silence is all I will ever find dark-wallpaper-30-hd-wallpaper




About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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