The Chamber Of Subconscious Changeover

Loathing, detestation, hostility, antipathy , and all that combusting malignity modifies maliciously

Languishing in loose ended mishaps marking that scarlet letter attached within my fragrant flustered barrow detonating double meanings resting just beneath this convulsive overwrought eclipsing

Beast, swine, varmint, barbarian, cannibalistic creation bore from the birth canal of my subconscious relapsing entity entering every orphaned membrane

Seeking an ending that just might quiet the creeping voices overtaking my fragile little mind

Warring with personal , persisting , impatient, rebellious demons daring me to leap over that veiled edge in my head so they can raise an avenging hell

Obsession , agitation , fury, exasperation, vexation, resentment , enmity all synonyms for a recipe of repulsive impulses for what dances deviously within my wreckage of humanity

Slipping, cascading , sinking, slumping , descending, and slithering further downward into that pitch black pit of maddening insanity

It tis almost as if I am becoming a changeling

Foreign even to my own sac of writhing flesh

Whatever swims within this chambering canal of secrets wants to be the mastering malevolence in control of my wayward ship

I fear soon I will be completely washed into oblivion , within the wormhole of my own conscience

Never to whisper a plea again for help from my own weakening






About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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