The Aftermath

Cracked sink , new lows, your face fluctuates these peeling walls, and blotted out blank spaces 

Separated , runaway thoughts, flickering lights , and bouquets,batched, botched goodbyes 

How long can I play into my own denial, my frustrated understanding, and fucked up way of thinking ? 

Is it the front yard I keep staring at , the vacuous bed, scarcity of your belongings, or all left unresolved, maybe the lack of sound pervading these pointless rooms

Permeating passive aggressiveness , warring with your lawyers, and watching you become someone I am beginning to loathe yet used to look at with love rather than this accustomed disgust 

The pointless, meaningless hookups I use to try and fuck you from pounding my skull with happier memories before the shit hit the fan and you decided I just was not good enough anymore 

I still remember the day I caught you in our marital quarters letting your lover do all the things I only thought you ever wanted me to 

How foolish I felt seeing you two as one, I slammed the pictures of our wedding day off the end-tables , ran from you and your apologies given only because you got caught up in your double sided games, and I took that champagne I was saving for your birthday to chug what just happened away 

The worst part was how numb I became when the battle began, you took every joy, all the happiness , and bliss when you went and did this 

So once you were all moved out, I took a torch and lit it up, because I cannot stand to look at this structure we once built together with all we felt 

I just want to let it all go permanently 





About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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