Beautiful Dreaming


Waves of ultramarine,cerulean,azure blues beckoning me farther into floral fragrance washing upon embankments of jade,chartreuse, emerald seashores

Bushes yielding wielding wild mulberries that have a piquancy of haven like hills where evergreens decorate my wishful, whimsy, phantasm tucked within ideal , exemplary villages all my own

Tangerine Tiger Lilies resting , embellishing my breastbones and highlighting my indigo stands , flowing freely down to the small of my back

Incandescent, alight, moonlit fireflies waltz all about me, my giggling glee, unconstraint ,impertinence, adrift beaming expressions

Wading through babbling creek beds, wind caressing my face, sound mind, and the honeysuckles aromatic , thick clean air fill my once breathless lungs

Push my toes in mud just to feel the sensation of it squish,slosh, and slime

Press my face to an array of sunflowers ,watercolors of different shades, the sky thundering above , so many white doves fly circles around me, and summer rain so warm falls upon my wounded flesh

Healing , feeling thrilling, drop my white sun dress to the ground , naked, I gaze up at the puffy, plump clouds , sunlight shimmers upon my ivory flesh , and I hope again , lounging in fields of frenzied salmon hued daisies

Napping among monarch butterflies fluttering impassioned in the breeze, watching as they land upon me , and I spread my arms out open wide, for the first time I can see so clearly

Liberated from unsavory, unkind thoughts, no voices , nor shame , or mind games just encompassing beauty all around as far as this strange dreamscape stretches out on


About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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