Secretive Nights Of Desire



I can feel you centermost, equidistant, in sentiments smearing, affixing, and anointing my protoplasm, thew, and corpuscles in all duration upon alabaster, frosted, transparent, immaculate, milk white breastbone bosoms

Entering anatomy bare-skinned, stripped, divested unto your endearment with my quavering lips , tottering shadowy shape, and cherry of Spring awakening awaiting completion for the sensory paroxysm

Skimming every contoured crevice unbound, sultry moon, eclipses neath sheets of satin craving, and echoing of something new humming happy lullabies to my heart , the dark unknowings, Coming and goings of a heart hearkened by both lust, love, and passion

Turn me to ashen bone, lick the destruction we construct as one, darling we are doomed, two crescendos illuminating this circle of hell, doing things in the midnight madness pitch black, running out of time

The desert roses open in blooming blazes, stones weigh our heaving, inter-weaving indifference, so strip me down, and bind my wrists to this bed of temporary nightmarish , fantasy, fucking dreamery

Raven songs, weeping willows, and secretive serenades tear up our whispered liasions, addicted to every inch of your intricate ,intelligent, inner being , so lay me upon this pillowing pillar of diligent dripping phantasm of pleasantry







About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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