Counterfeit ,forged fakery, attention seeking bitch , and imitation angel without a scrap of dignity

Sinner, miscreant, rascal,whore ,liar, traitor, and terrorizer but one that stands out the most is worthless but they are the labels gravened by your hand into my sinew right before you sacrificed me at the altar of your malicious jealousy

Sisters , best friends, comrades, and partners you spouted all the while you were stabbing me in my spinal column hoping like hell you could paralyze my self confidence and self worth so I would swallow whatever shit you sought to force me to ingest but with a willing tortured smile right?

Every day you would belittle my intelligence and my small fractured moments of happiness by undermining them, your exact words were they say that about everybody when anyone complimented me or paid attention to me all because they saw me instead of your vile ass

So many years I let you kick me while I was down, the stress you inflicted led to my hair falling out in clumps, and I had no desire to enter outside because I was emotionally and physically drained, you vacated my self esteem shard by shard

You flirted with my crushes and tried soliciting dick pics from my lover, because when the spotlight is not on you , you just can’t stomach it can you? So did it really come as a surprise to you when I exploded and I let every fucking thing you did to me be known

When I finally told you just what the fuck I was thinking after bottling up all those years of your emotional and mental abuse , did it really surprise your damned ass when I finally spoke my fucking mind you cunt

So go ahead and play the victim bitch, make me the villain again because quite frankly karma has yet to serve you the cold hell you deserve, and I don’t want anymore of your fables because every thing you call me is what you really think of your own shitty self , so fuck you and fuck all the years I wasted suffering through your petty ass games







About Into Oblivion

It's a midnight Kiss from Hell A sweet spell that Poetry sells to my shadowy mind I just like writing random poetry and shit
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