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🔥 Fire ⚰️🚬

Fire in his veins  The hesitant flame burning in the core of my own soul  I could taste sweet hell upon his full lips of foolish fooling around  He knows he is the wound and when his blade pierces it … Continue reading

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Airbrush Adequate

Adequacy,suitability,and aptitude in a constructed caste of synopsis abridgement  Sycophant syllabus aligned by symmetrical standards symbolic  Flawed ,outlandish,strange,and uniquely formed cast out by considerable shunning quashing Airbrush over uneven skin,thinning out eccentric personality,modify the lips,straigten and skim the size of … Continue reading

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Her Last Apology

Deranged and Devoted to waging war on myself My actions a repulsive wrecker in my thoughtless,selfish,troubled ,and wicked state of mind I was an incinerator hell bent on burning everything in my fucking pathetic life to the cinders of a … Continue reading

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Obsessing for a confession Seeking my sobriety in this shit storm stirring the cells in my body ice cold confrontation Intervention.Other worldly dimensions in the seconds of my shame you love to point out and put on display All my … Continue reading

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Finding Myself in this Hell

I never proclaimed to be a saint My wings were always dipped in the blackest burning edges And my halo became horns when the kindness in my once happy heart died with the notion that I was a foolish,hopeless,naive romantic … Continue reading

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Cocaine Waters

Let those tears fall upon the raging black waters below Rest the cracking pieces  of your frail heart in this screaming sea  Forget the numbness of this cocaine  bender denting your self into shallow surrender Say the words in which … Continue reading

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Passionate Bad Habits That Are NOT worth your time

 He makes you feel so good but he plays you for a fool every damn time he gets the chance.The kind of guy your so attracted to you cannot help but take back again then feel so stupid for even … Continue reading

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