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Airbrush Adequate

Adequacy,suitability,and aptitude in a constructed caste of synopsis abridgement  Sycophant syllabus aligned by symmetrical standards symbolic  Flawed ,outlandish,strange,and uniquely formed cast out by considerable shunning quashing Airbrush over uneven skin,thinning out eccentric personality,modify the lips,straigten and skim the size of … Continue reading

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Ana and B

Beauty She carved into her delicate skin Starve and you will be a star Kill your soul and you will go far Make sure your waist is paper thin Let Ana be your friend She will show you how to … Continue reading

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I have gazed out that window pane of pain for years and my heart has broken bit by bit.Tiny shards that slit slices of thinning flesh in my insistently punctured soul.Covering my wounds in shame because the past and the … Continue reading

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