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Scarlet Hill

I withered to dust on my scarlet hill of indifference and clinically depressed contemplation  Blurred landscapes sliding , slamming,shamefully shuffling old regrets into vast,vivid,view  Is it hell or is it heaven?How the fuck will I ever know ?Is it me … Continue reading

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Airbrush Adequate

Adequacy,suitability,and aptitude in a constructed caste of synopsis abridgement  Sycophant syllabus aligned by symmetrical standards symbolic  Flawed ,outlandish,strange,and uniquely formed cast out by considerable shunning quashing Airbrush over uneven skin,thinning out eccentric personality,modify the lips,straigten and skim the size of … Continue reading

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Depressive Presence

I used to want to smile at passerbys with a hint of gennuine glee but all those bridges became infernos of persistent depression Voices violating my innocent mind until it was petrified neath depths of murky malicing hell Under my … Continue reading

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Not Your Prodigy

You crave muted pastels subdued For me to conceal my rot To tuck the foul scent of my stumbling,mislead,and excess psychotic psychosis diagnosis Fake a forged smiling fable with your knife pressed to my trembling lips The flesh tender as … Continue reading

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Misanthropic Introvert

Loner, Introvert, Misanthropic mess weaved by hidden splices of friendless,uninhabited inner forests  Stretching on and on amongst the scarlet dawning jilted, cold,unfeeling,heartless harvest clawing crackling crevices unrelished Devoid rejection resignating ,roaring, and rewiring this madness laid out glaringly,sullenly,and gloweringly before … Continue reading

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Robert Brault

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The sociopath 

Your a willow tree dancing against the winds of my innocent flesh  The ivory petals of my peculiar rose tainted and torn  By your carelessness and cruel claws clinging to dingy corners crocheted into my satin silhouette  Frightened by the … Continue reading

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