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The Passing Of The Phoenix

I rose from the ashes entrancing me so angrily  The abyss ripped seams of madness from my quilt of unquenchable  self destruction  The flames sweep the crescent of my fixiated flesh creeping across the brutality of the broken bones bleeding … Continue reading

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The Gun

You gazed at me and your tears ripped me apart inside.Begging me not to go but the devil was calling as those hooves thundered across the ground.Your face disappearing with my heart neath a cloud of gun powder.I knew you … Continue reading

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Adrenaline:An Erotic Horror Short

I gazed out at the sea of dead.My bruised body still parched,my eyes of blue tired but alert,and my finger on the trigger.Staying alive had become a forgotten priority.I did not have the energy to fight anymore.The sun was setting … Continue reading

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Revenge Sex: An erotic short story

Charming devil and an accent to kill but I can see right through those brown eyes because lies are lies and you tell them so well.You watch me and I know your cherry coated bullshit with effortless exact fine printed … Continue reading

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The Spell

His eyes were so bright yet the devil inside glimmered and guided my young crushed corpse of a heart ever closer to his silhouette slinking among rows of resentful shadows.Those fingers so spiny curved upwards in wicked ways.Further and further … Continue reading

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The Doms Undoing and Creator(An Erotic Short Story)

Raining ceaselessly upon the shingled roof of a lonesome little stone structure in the midst of nowhere.Intense animal like baby blues beckoning him to beg for just a second longer of her sweet,sexually soothing attention but she was dazing into … Continue reading

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