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Desired Destination

My medicinal apathetic attentive alternatives attribute admirable efforts Addled by the rainy rendezvous soaked in life adages advantageously acrimonious sects squared away Lively face adapting to spiteful crucial critiquing seeking shores seemingly so far a fucking way  Adjourning minutes and … Continue reading

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Watch and Unfold the Bittered Behold 

Watch it weathering tediously to leathery rippling rain  Behold the irreversible notion of neurotic changelings metamorphosisizing into metabolic markings  Share shame,swallow shallowing blame,and play the devils gratifying games gorging on silent secondaries  See the mercenaries make way for the carcass … Continue reading

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Stevie Nicks

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Hours of Illusive Inconclusive 

Questionnaire of dared shares seperation anxiety  Deceiving rift fails and feeds detailed derailed hell hearkening desperate despair Begging for just a hushed touch but electricity disturbeth thickening threatening air  Menacing malice made creatures swim my tormented psyche  Choking on haunting … Continue reading

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Eyes of spite shalt not see the morning dew anew  Rage cannot repair damage deemed irreversible and darkly destructive  Hate cannot breed hope nor restore weathering ground  Love blossoms not in blood soaked promises prying happiness apart  Evil will never … Continue reading

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Finding Myself in this Hell

I never proclaimed to be a saint My wings were always dipped in the blackest burning edges And my halo became horns when the kindness in my once happy heart died with the notion that I was a foolish,hopeless,naive romantic … Continue reading

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Patient Storm

She scalded him For his fear of commitment and hesitation at wedding vows and binding love But behind his warm hazel irises lurks the blisters and bruises on his soul From all the women who took his heart for granted … Continue reading

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