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If I Was A Raven…Lol

If I was a Raven  I would shit on you and your windshield  Peck out those deceptive eyes shrouded in lies  Chase you through the parking lot with my majestic midnight hued wings of wisdom  Perch on your windowsill  And … Continue reading

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Just another day in the neighborhood

Your an ass …oh your an mad because I would not mow my grass…fuck you and suburbia too…flashed you my ass crack and damn shit flew…you started cussing so I threw some fresh catshit on you ..your always complaining … Continue reading

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Alley Cat

Alley cat can quite grieve Your saying your an angel But I can tell you have fleas and you fuck over dreams No toothfairy because your past is to low class You wonder why even the flies wont blow by … Continue reading

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