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Watch and Unfold the Bittered Behold 

Watch it weathering tediously to leathery rippling rain  Behold the irreversible notion of neurotic changelings metamorphosisizing into metabolic markings  Share shame,swallow shallowing blame,and play the devils gratifying games gorging on silent secondaries  See the mercenaries make way for the carcass … Continue reading

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Adriana Adame🌙🌙

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Evoking Passion

Evoking erotic thoughtless thrills The kind in which resemble stolen slithers of pallid moonlight flickered flaming fragrant feels  Touches traded as loins become entranced invasions of lavender lathered liasons  Tangled breathlessness berating black magic marked beauty spilling morning dew crafted … Continue reading

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T.S. Ward

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No words

Speak yet no words form within the formation of silent imploding heartache  Lungs heavy with raging suspicion  Mind baffled and battered by instinctive knowing  What’s going on my love? Among the wolves you lurk and you lay with a bitch … Continue reading

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Among them 

I watched their expressionless souls implode  Egos inflated in intricate carved cruel ridden ceremonies  Faceless monstrosities camouflaged in tattered human flesh  Filthy atrocities parading chaos fueled carnage  Beasts berating themselves as kind creatures  But those grinning masks cast no spellbinding … Continue reading

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