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Parasitic Power

Would the canyons split oblivion for squeamish masses to construct perilous gases  The sheepishly foolishly grazing before the beast rearing its raving head for the grand finale Canines spinning clockwise in a grinder of gruesome grueling raging for a sacrificial … Continue reading

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Misanthropic Introvert

Loner, Introvert, Misanthropic mess weaved by hidden splices of friendless,uninhabited inner forests  Stretching on and on amongst the scarlet dawning jilted, cold,unfeeling,heartless harvest clawing crackling crevices unrelished Devoid rejection resignating ,roaring, and rewiring this madness laid out glaringly,sullenly,and gloweringly before … Continue reading

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George Lucas

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Robert Brault

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Stevie Nicks

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Married Sleez 

Married man spitting the shitty pickup lines and lovely little lies Bats those bedroom brown eyes with a gleam of gloomy revolting bullshit  Complaing ,costructing ,and desperate to attract a hint of sympathy  For a cheap contradicting cliche liaison  Hiding … Continue reading

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