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Secretive Nights Of Desire

    I can feel you centermost, equidistant, in sentiments smearing, affixing, and anointing my protoplasm, thew, and corpuscles in all duration upon alabaster, frosted, transparent, immaculate, milk white breastbone bosoms Entering anatomy bare-skinned, stripped, divested unto your endearment with … Continue reading

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🔥 Fire ⚰️🚬

Fire in his veins  The hesitant flame burning in the core of my own soul  I could taste sweet hell upon his full lips of foolish fooling around  He knows he is the wound and when his blade pierces it … Continue reading

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The sociopath 

Your a willow tree dancing against the winds of my innocent flesh  The ivory petals of my peculiar rose tainted and torn  By your carelessness and cruel claws clinging to dingy corners crocheted into my satin silhouette  Frightened by the … Continue reading

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Fading Flame

Play pretend in a patriarch charade of closed dank curtains controlled by harsh hands Facade of diamond and pearls in a malignant malevolent mansion of maiden masked misery  Smile for that Polaroid devoid of truth or paradise just dull dolls … Continue reading

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One of my favorites by the lovely Joshua Ryan Stewart

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The Gun

You gazed at me and your tears ripped me apart inside.Begging me not to go but the devil was calling as those hooves thundered across the ground.Your face disappearing with my heart neath a cloud of gun powder.I knew you … Continue reading

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Adrenaline:An Erotic Horror Short

I gazed out at the sea of dead.My bruised body still parched,my eyes of blue tired but alert,and my finger on the trigger.Staying alive had become a forgotten priority.I did not have the energy to fight anymore.The sun was setting … Continue reading

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