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Eyes of spite shalt not see the morning dew anew  Rage cannot repair damage deemed irreversible and darkly destructive  Hate cannot breed hope nor restore weathering ground  Love blossoms not in blood soaked promises prying happiness apart  Evil will never … Continue reading

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Fading Flame

Play pretend in a patriarch charade of closed dank curtains controlled by harsh hands Facade of diamond and pearls in a malignant malevolent mansion of maiden masked misery  Smile for that Polaroid devoid of truth or paradise just dull dolls … Continue reading

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In your bed of deceit

You were always that bright,burning beacon she saw with foolish ,ill fated ,and blinded loving emerald luminescence I was the devil she fled and left trapped in this empty bed of crucifying believing You whispered your acid in her ear … Continue reading

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We Wish To See

We only see the small fragments we wish to peer through Denying the ugly underlining of a toxic lover or friend We make excuses for them up to the very bitter end Before they let us down again and drain … Continue reading

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Tuxedo Farewell

Black Tuxedo Farewells Her dress of vintage white lace upon olive skin so strikingly beautiful The sweetened kisses bear a bitter ending for me You walked all over my pride when you took that gun to this hateful heart beating … Continue reading

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Mistaken Heartache

The self proclaimed beast A passionate raining game The prey portrayed by a pretty face Attracted to a demon’s daring eyes Running rage’s course A deadly deal Heart stolen and sold straight to hell Broken pieces and a sad evening … Continue reading

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