Desired Destination

My medicinal apathetic attentive alternatives attribute admirable efforts

Addled by the rainy rendezvous soaked in life adages advantageously acrimonious sects squared away

Lively face adapting to spiteful crucial critiquing seeking shores seemingly so far a fucking way 

Adjourning minutes and withdrawing hours covered in autumn leaves left muddled ,mangled behind 

Swimming relentlessly against the observatory glass fragments into my past,present,and future clashing

Bloodied by clarity .Strangely fascinated by the vast infinity before me of my own self discovery 

Afraid to collapse any further .My ways of wayward bewildering curiosity.Set me free back into the inky sapphire depths of that brilliant sea before you finish executing my faith in my self

Unhinge this lock and key.I’m not your specific special experiment of expiration.I must make it to my desired destination 

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Depressive Presence

I used to want to smile at passerbys with a hint of gennuine glee but all those bridges became infernos of persistent depression

Voices violating my innocent mind until it was petrified neath depths of murky malicing hell

Under my covers I trembled barely able to stir a stint of life from my fading psyche 

Even in my dreams I could not escape the creatures peering through my rain soaked windowsill 

With reptillian eyes aglow etching into my genetic structure until fear frothed on my swollen tongue 

Clawing and whispering their demands with that thin toothy smile flashing in head command

His thumbs dragging daringly across my chapped dry lips tauntingly 

Those charcoal nails daggers to my ivory skin saturated in his mark of seducing sin 

Unable to will my legs to flee his presence of horrific misfit need

The graze of his canines draining me dry til my veins shouted silencing mystique 

That robe of jaded jamming dire dialect 

Programming poisoning aching to disappear among the ranks of my own rendering emotionless mess

Every sense stunned numb 

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Swarm of epic proportions starving for a vessel in which to consume among the gloomy drear of a Shakespearean graveyard scene

Indulge coming crows craving my pale turquoise irises beaming a blackened fuming charr of quaint coals aflame

Let the locusts crawl from my lips to adorn my wounded hips as they hearken warships determined to imprison the she wolf pacing ravenously within me

The malnourished blurring revolting demons they want to expel in order to break my crusading spell 

Forsaken creature they left to lay down and die somehow baffling them at its triumphant surviving reign 

Twisted like a malignant,malevolent tree wrapping it’s way around their crumpling kingdom of treachery 

A dragon spitting fire upon their paper houses and dispelling their own means of brutality back at them 

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🍂🍂Resting Place🍂🍂🍃🍃

I built my resting place with tiny fragments of my own intricate frail pallidity 

Hatred born from levels of a misery my broken bodice refused to escape entered through every door I left ajar

Wicked moonlight reflecting upon the still waters of my solidarity soon shaped by misjudged sludge

Like a swamping silhouette it embraced my trembling dissipating wings

Alive no more.Spat on and swatted at by toxic fingers.Rotten like a serenading sore of shrill shriveling gore

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I cannot concur the drenching of bitterness believing blindly under every layer of raw relinquishing,rotting,ridiculously weak wedge of bloated flesh

The putrid pool of passive pressure corroding every core of creative structure sterilized from my foaming acidic veins

Like an emaciated unicorn missing a misanthropic horn no longer pure pouring scarlet seething diseased and painted without pastels

Roaming endlessly entranced by an immortal moon of makeshift tombs to tell my horrific endings repetitively singing mercilessly 

Unable to shit that fakery facade of false happy they seek from me in sugar coated sprinkles topped with magical frosting in the land of make believe 

No I am just an unhinged psychopath with a drinking problem proudly on display.Popping euphoria from a bottle of endless shame.With a scowl and an introverted anti social perspective

But I won’t be a puppet for the disapproving superiors trying to look down on me.When they are all actively camouflaging the stains of stagnate darkness with their bottles of blasphemous bleach.

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Dysmorphic Translucency

Mask won’t peel away anymore.Dysmorphic translucency trampling smoothed flesh festering with fragrant maggots devouring crevices unseen 

No screaming left to do.Reflection rendered unseen.Just blank bleak obstruction overdone and impenetrable.

This fortress I bred in my damaged,darkened,dangerous head protected by concrete walls of searing derange.

Bit off my own fucking tongue so you would not have to see all the bits of hell you put me through.

Do you like the grotesquely malformed malfunction you crafted with your persistent perpetual menace?

How did the tissue of my heart taste on your betraying lips?Was it as bitter as all your hypocrisy?

Bet you think your soul beautiful and oh so pure but your matted in muddy bullshit.All the violence you stir drama gaslighter 

You disgust me with the part you play so well.Trying desperately to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes 

But I see every splatter of truth you deflect


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It is simply irreversible this damage encrypted in the confines of my fleshy dress

The way I carry every old haunt and hollow bone to the drumming of a heart no longer mine

Echoes silently caressing in my deepest dreams of a reunion that simply can never be 

It is never easy to forget the things we wish to evade 

Emotions sometimes fail to relent for the heart is a stubborn fool 

Clinging to cooling embers 

To far gone to see the fairtytales never end with a kiss and smile

Just miles of unresolved darkness 

It is fueled by a soon fleeting hope 

And as it dies it still refuses to stop desiring what can not be

Carrying forever that vortex of a wound

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