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Just A Fool

Ghost, apparition, phantom, specter , haunt how have I allowed myself to fall in love with such a vampire Drained, depleted , bleary, weary, deleted sensations tinge within from the apparent fact I am mere entertainment for when you are … Continue reading

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False Hope and A Fucked LoveĀ 

He lit my world with sexual loving vast celestial skies exploding with hues of electrified pigments  How they clung to my fierce flesh like a new ball gown carved in oblivions carved mystique Seems he couldn’t get enough of my … Continue reading

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I often wonder if it is real..the sea of lies ..the world forever spinning..is any of the vague patterns of the universe truly attainable or are we all illusions plagued by eternal internal confusion.Our brains just instruments of happy smog … Continue reading

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Finding Myself in this Hell

I never proclaimed to be a saint My wings were always dipped in the blackest burning edges And my halo became horns when the kindness in my once happy heart died with the notion that I was a foolish,hopeless,naive romantic … Continue reading

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You paint a canvas with your fingertips Cover up all the mistakes Make sure every line is in place and it is perfection But your never really happy about it Something is never right You try to fix it so … Continue reading

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