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I cut it out of me, the parts you crippled , when I let you in Promised me rose petals but all I tasted was the thorns thrashing ,watering, and weighing away putrid poisoned veins Swallow ,wallow, and wave whilst … Continue reading

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Dissolution .Deceptive Desire. Destructive Muse

Inviting invitations to my heart’s dissolution solution Wear me ruby rouge ravenous rendering best The miniscule ways you underestimate me my devouring lover Mistake me for a lamb ready for slaughter but baby I am the bitch who will win … Continue reading

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The Chamber Of Subconscious Changeover

Loathing, detestation, hostility, antipathy , and all that combusting malignity modifies maliciously Languishing in loose ended mishaps marking that scarlet letter attached within my fragrant flustered barrow detonating double meanings resting just beneath this convulsive overwrought eclipsing Beast, swine, varmint, … Continue reading

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False Hope and A Fucked LoveĀ 

He lit my world with sexual loving vast celestial skies exploding with hues of electrified pigments  How they clung to my fierce flesh like a new ball gown carved in oblivions carved mystique Seems he couldn’t get enough of my … Continue reading

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Gloating Glacier

I see you walking away with that glacier gloating in your heartless irises Gave you everything  just to watch you swindle it away Your jigsaw puzzle emotional  distressing  on my wounded heart  They pushed until the permanence plastered a newfound … Continue reading

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Darkness Born Ashes

She used to admire the loveliness of the blooming ,brilliant,bewildering blood red roses Her pale ice irises once lit with the sweetness of a glittering,serenading sunrise Yet now the innocence of her slender face is carved with a darkness so … Continue reading

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Persecution Of The Witch

Bear the blade angelic darkened sieves of seductive shattering They chase your shadows and seek your damnation darling queen Yet you evade that searing kiss of condemnation and forced characterization Blood flattering your forged decay as you fight the stray … Continue reading

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