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Silent One

Silent one.The pin drops in silent floors flaunting gory horrors,haunting dreams,and hellish delusions.Creature crawling throughout my soul.Racking lies left me cold.Murdered by the unsounding knowing.Condemning waves roil thy quieting grave in which to hath your sorry flesh returned.Weakness limbers you.Bitten … Continue reading

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When I look at you I see a coward.Soak me in gasoline bitch but I won’t burn.Challenge me if you dare because I am tired of taking your constant shit.Gaze at the rage awakening in my aqua irises.Bid your life … Continue reading

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Thee That Is Inside.Run My Love

I stare at her.The beast living within me.Nowhere I run can I escape the demon inside myself.I tried so hard but the darkness is seeping through me.Frightened,angry,and lead astray by my own betrayal becomes my crippling poison.You are precious to … Continue reading

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A long Forgotten Apology

I wanted to take your hand and lead you to the shade of willowy branches,sit next to you,lay my head on your chest,look up at you with my big blue eyes and steal a kiss in a moment of bliss.Our … Continue reading

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The lines crackling calling from the Television set and the images in my tortured head.Nude.Nude.Nude.Stripped by dishonor.Baring all.Flesh infected.Crawling termites congregate with the cockroaches of tommorow.Acquired demons.I am buried by the seed sowing self hated instructed destruction.Could take my paint … Continue reading

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Fucked up thought on love..From years ago

Society believes in fairy tales…couples over think forever…and it is that one crack that conjures every crucifying of one’s naive heart.They argue they are so happy but years from now they will see love’s no sea sweet tea but poisoned … Continue reading

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Living In the Fastest of Lanes.Needing some naked change.

What do you see in my eyes now but the sapphire coated turquoise puddles of mush that man has made these irony clad irises of insignificant,insecure,uninterested soulfulness.Have you tasted my uncaring enigma of raging passion.It flows fertile and fragrant.Wilder than … Continue reading

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