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Rupturing Scar

You are etched on every stone wall in this hollow heart of mine like hieroglyphics heating rupturing erupting wounds A captive to cowering neath this thinning veil of apparent transparency trapping my foolish faults of faith in your return But … Continue reading

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The Evil

Skies falling.Storm brewing.Angels die in the frigid darkness.I touch your face one final time and the glass cracks beneath my fingertips to reveal the demon you truly were.Your scent of death is dire and alurring.I want to kill you and … Continue reading

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Dark One

I stood beneath the blackened trees staring at the widened yellow moon with thick tears streaming down my pallid face.The trembling of my frail frame the symptoms of your ever approaching silhouette.My fear hidden beneath the mask of rage.Your artic … Continue reading

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Ill Fated Lovers

Sea of trees Blood pours From a purple sky No one stirs But two Ill fated lovers Tangle in the dark Sharp words fly Violent force arises Fighting over a forgotten cause Dying by their own hands Lost to the … Continue reading

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A Serial Killers Fall(A Short horror love story)

My heart has long since fallen to ashes as self-consciousness evaporates.The desire to kill is an endless affliction that revels the taste of suffering.I am plagued by the voices of insanity and constant need to destroy undeserving weakness.Although,The predator cannot … Continue reading

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Mistaken Heartache

The self proclaimed beast A passionate raining game The prey portrayed by a pretty face Attracted to a demon’s daring eyes Running rage’s course A deadly deal Heart stolen and sold straight to hell Broken pieces and a sad evening … Continue reading

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Passionate Bad Habits That Are NOT worth your time

 He makes you feel so good but he plays you for a fool every damn time he gets the chance.The kind of guy your so attracted to you cannot help but take back again then feel so stupid for even … Continue reading

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